Dharmasthala Bahubali

The Bahubali statue at Dharmasthala, though the most recent statue to join the pages of history, is nothing short of a divine miracle in the modern era.
The Bahubali statues around Karnataka have their mammoth share in making the state a Jain pilgrimage. However, the Bahubali monolithic at Dharmasthala stands out as a legacy carried out in the modern era, with living evidence of a divine miracle. This statue, established and consecrated in 1982, has its roots in a deeply rooted history of the Heggade chieftain institution at Dharmasthala. The statue was envisioned by Late. Shri Rathnavarma Heggade and Late.Smt Rathnamma Heggade and ferried to completion by his son Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade.

This colossal at Dharmasthala is a 39 feet wonder sculpted by Renjala Gopala Shenoy, standing over a 14 feet tall platform that allows it to be a free-standing wonder. While the statue resembles the rest of the Bahubali colossus around the state, a few unique factors such as the elephants showering flowers over the feet of the statue, and divine creatures untangling the creepers around its body make it special. The statue, with a breadth of 224 inches, much resembles the one at Venur, except for the serious expression it beholds on a face that overlooks the world through half-closed eyes.

This statue has a well-documented history of conceptualization, construction, consecration, and anointment, unlike the rest of the centuries-old colossus in the state. Situated atop Rathnagiri, this Bahubali has his own purpose and significance, as he stands in a town that has long since been regarded as a Hindu pilgrimage. Acting as a confluence of faiths and festivities, this statue is adored as one of the most awe-inspiring spectacles of human will and spiritual conscience in the modern era.