Mastakabhisheka 2019 (9th Feb 2019 to 18th Feb 2019)

The Mastakabhisheka Tradition

The tyaagi who chose renunciation over royalty set up an unmatched analogy of what Jainism and the quest for Moksha really stood for. Standing in sky-clad form, he neither asks to be regarded nor anointed with grandeur. The devotees perform both nonetheless, in hopes of acquiring at least fragments of his spiritual ethos. Also, as the fluids flow down from atop his head to his feet, the realization that all forms of ego must flow down the same way strikes the onlookers. The MahaMastakabhisheka tradition an important religious ceremony, alongside being a scientifically important one to safeguard the physical form of stone. Ever since the consecration of statues, they have been anointed with fervor every 12 years.

The upcoming Mastakabhisheka

The fourth MahaMastakabhisheka ceremony of the DharmasthalaBahubali colossus shall take place from 16th of February in 2019. It shall be presided by 108 Acharya Shri Vardhaman Sagarji Maharaj and 108 Acharya Shri Pushtadantha Sagarji Maharaj, who shall arrive after completion of their chaaturmaasa in Shravanabelagola. Jain Milans across the state have extended their support for the event, and the organizing committee led by D Surendra Kumar has been formed. The ceremony has been awaited for 12 years since the last one in 2007 and is expected to outdo all the previous ones in measures of grandeur and significance.